#66 Rodney Miller

Maureen Knight interviews Rodney Miller on 14 May 2015

Content: Rodney Miller, Master fiddler from USA first visited Halsway with the band Airdance in 2003 , and returns with Stringrays following Eastbourne Festival.

Rodney talks about:
growing up in a musical home, and his first fiddle
learning contra music
first visit to Halsway 2003 with Mary Kay Brass & David Surette on their way to Sidmouth Festival
his feeling that they had brought “contra” dance home to UK, although it has developed more in USA
2015 Stringrays tour
mentions May Gadd (CDSS), Cecil Sharp House
His ancestors came from Nether Stowey in the 1600s
His beautiful daughter, musician Elvie Miller (the face of Halsway on many publicity materials with her husband Denis Liddy)
difference between contra in UK and USA
loves the Halsway maypole and playing croquet
feels “embraced” by Halsway
mention Meg Winters as being responsible for bringing contra to UK

Photo taken at Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2015 by Charley Roberts