#52 Thomas Radford

Maureen Knight interviews Thomas Radford on 8 April 2015

Content: Tom is a dancer, musician and sound engineer who visited Halsway Manor for the first time Easter 2015 with his fiancée Laura. They intend to celebrate their wedding at Halsway in 2016.

Tom joined Warwick University folk club and learned melodeon to complement his childhood playing of Harmonica (influenced by grandfather and Startrek)

Expected Halsway to be larger, and loves the wood panelling, particularly the way that parts of other old buildings have been used for effect.

Compared festivals V course at Halsway.
Eg Enjoyed learning more technical dances than at festivals
Got a little lost on way to Halsway, and ended up driving over a steeper hill than ever before!
They expected to feel very much younger than other guests, and found them welcoming and enjoyed the community feel at meal times.

Highlight of week: Bring trained by Chris Turner to decorate Maypole. Tom has made photo-instructions to facilitate this so that the task can be done without Chris there.

He found the new build plans exciting and hopes to come back in the future to see what’s happening.

He played the melodeon “L and B Polka”

Photo taken at the Rough Close campsite, leading a campfire song session for a district’s worth of Cub Scouts (also a Cub Scout leader.)